US President Donald Trump Signs New Bill to Reverse FCC Privacy Rules, Favors ISPs – Search Phone Number In California

After few weeks of discussions and arguments involving, the latest proposed bill to repeal or revoke the Barack Obama administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) privacy rules, now US President Donald Trump signed the resolution on Monday night.

McCain Urges Trump To Support Wiretapping Claims | Protect Privacy

United States Senator John McCain urges President Donald Trump to publicize the evidence backing up his claim that the previous Obama administration had wiretapped him while investigating the influence of Russia in the recently concluded 2016 National Election.

Donald Trump Rooster in China

Outside a mall in China stands a massive statuary of a rooster that resembles U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.The sculpture was erected in Taiyuan, the capital as well as biggest city of north Chinas Shanxi area.According to Chinas judgment Communist Partys Peoples Daily, it states the coming close to Chinese Year of the Rooster. The developer stated the item was influenced by Mr. Trump– his motions and hair.