No wonder why they said Philippines is one the most dangerous road to drive

We have to admit that a road accident is an unpleasant situation that usually caused minor to serious body injuries to the involved people. In most cases, this kind of incident occur involving motorcycles, cars, SUVs, buses or even trailers. Whatsoever is the cause of the road mishap, it is very important to learn that […]


The Philippines is home to fun-loving Filipinos who enjoy celebrations and getting together with friends and families. Aside from these cultural traits, the country is predominantly Catholic tracing its religious lineage from Colonial Spain. The origin of most early festivals known as “fiestas” in the Philippines dates back to this colonial period when the Spanish friars assigned a patron saint to many communities (barrios or towns).

List of the Most Famous Landmarks in the Philippines – Cheat List

It is an archipelago, which consists of 7,107 islands and found in the Western Pacific Ocean. Filipinos are famous for their hospitality; this is also the reason why tourists love the country. Philippines provide experiences you will not find in your hometown. Whether you are up for excited adventures, sightseeing, shopping or eating, the country will surely meet your needs.