No wonder why they said Philippines is one the most dangerous road to drive

We have to admit that a road accident is an unpleasant situation that usually caused minor to serious body injuries to the involved people. In most cases, this kind of incident occur involving motorcycles, cars, SUVs, buses or even trailers. Whatsoever is the cause of the road mishap, it is very important to learn that […]

What to do when Engine Freezes Up – Over Drive

Sometimes, car freezes up in the most unwanted situation and during the time when you do not expect it to freeze. The reason behind this is that the car currently lacks in anti-freeze mechanism, which happens when the hose of the cooling system is replaced manually, and if too much water is poured into the system.

Common Mistakes in Driving – Over Drive

We blame other factors aside from ourselves from time to time. This is the same for driving—when people become tangled in accidents, even minor ones, they always blame the other driver or the road itself. However, there are times when it really is your fault and this was already confirmed by experts.

Five things to be cautious while driving – Over Drive

Good weather always encourages people to go out, especially during the spring. Children and pets are especially at risk. Drivers need to be more vigilant during these times, because it also means good driving conditions when drivers tend to be more relaxed. Here are 5 things to be cautious of while driving.